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We All Come From Somewhere

Celebrates the right to and the richness of human movement and migration around the world; without this and in isolation we will only impoverish ourselves (both economically and spiritually).


My work often deals with themes such as migration, displacement social justice, but also the transnational.


Having lived and worked in different parts of the world (France, Mexico and the UK) and being part of a family that have migrated throughout its personal journey and history (Spain, Italy, UK, Brazil France and now USA, Lithuania and Mongolia) I feel personally connected to this theme and the constant research of identity in my work as an artist, woman and immigrant.


I originally come from Venice; a town that flourished from its connection to the sea, the impact of different cultures.  Wherever I go I feel the need to be near water, a natural element that both absorbs and connects. I feel the different energy that is imbued in these places because of the constant changes and arrival of different cultures.


I love the city of Liverpool because of the vibrant importance of its port and what it represents in the evolvement of this city throughout its history in its darkest and brightest moments.


It was only natural for me to have the idea of shipyard ropes to make this international connection. I work using a scale that presents your journey from your origins to this city of Liverpool.


Shipyard Ropes Sculptures represent:









“I see the collective assemblage of our abstract rope sculptures forming an installation portraying a new surreal landscape where our journeys and stories will be standing side by side, next to and complementing each other”.


With this in mind I would like to ask you a question:


Where do you come from and where would you like to go?


I invite you to take part through your rope sculpture, sharing and expressing your journey, tell us your stories in the audio book, listen to the richness of music.


This project celebrates and respects the different reasons why people migrate, whether political, economic or personal. It defends the necessity of respecting migration, out of adversity or as being a natural part of exploration in our human nature, promoting the idea of this as a human right.


It is a celebration of diversity and finding our common ground through the exploration of ideas and exchange. It responds to our need to meet and embrace the different cultures that can only but enrich us, broaden our horizons and humanity. It helps us to find our identities and supports us in our personal and spiritual journeys.


The title resonates with the fact that we all originated from somewhere else.  No one in this day and age can claim to be from just one place.


In this political climate, humans serve money rather than economic power serving humanity, we live in a fractured world with borders supporting economic privilege. Let us enjoy and celebrate our differences, experiences, stories here and perceive our commonalities welcoming our new neighbours.


We embrace the language of music, probably because of its being ethereal in its essence, the most significant of the arts capable to create through inspiration the influences of different cultures in the world.


Lottery funded by Arts Council England, supported by Arts in Development, Asylum Link Merseyside, The Cass London Met, Hamilton House Bristol, Diverse Artists Network, Tribe of Doris, Rocio Bucheli Gallery.


ARTEMOTION are Marina Moreno and Michael Meldru


With the participation of Dr. Edson Burton, Jenny Davis, Moussa Kouyate,

Dr. Jacek Ludwig Scarso, Christopher Switzer, Ivan Fernandez De Cordoba,

Mohamed Jehelabibi.


Thanks to the artists and musicians and others involved in this project and in particular:


David Richmond, Ewan Roberts, Babs Gwynne, Christelle Pecullier, Francesca Citarella, Giusy Laricchiuta, Ibbi,  Gaiazzurra Moreno-Meldru, Vandna Mehta, Jake Ryan, Deasy Bamford, Penny Clark, Alicia, Rocio Bucheli, Sam Tchoukeu, Ollie Mc Auley, Lansinet Berete, Thomas Greenfield, Sameer Alam, Joseph Dawson, Alessandra Abeltino, Sarah Buaye, Elisabeth, Asha Bai, Sophia, Marianne, Annie, Ruth Muckerjee, Shahin, Yazmin Taher, Arian, Levi, Shahzad, Wison Mukerjee.

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