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Nick Capaldi - Chief Executive at Arts Council of Wales
“Marina Moreno has established an international reputation for her distinctive work across an eclectic range of art-forms - video film, photography, live arts, dance, theatre and site-specific performance.
Marina is an inventive and challenging artist whose imaginative work encourages us to look beyond the obvious and to experience more acutely the differences and complexity of our world and our culture"

Lindsey Fryer - Head of Learning
Tate Liverpool
“I have known Marina in a professional capacity since the mid 1990s. I have also commissioned a performance piece from Marina for Tate Liverpool as part of an academic conference in 2008/9 during the exhibition The Fifth Floor: Ideas Taking Space.
She is dedicated, ambitious, energetic and full of ideas. She is naturally collaborative having already created works with many artist collaborators. Marina has started to develop a much more public, collaborative and socially engaged focus."

Laurie Peake - Director of Superslowway
"Marina Moreno was commissioned by Super Slow Way to work for a school year as artist in residence at St Silas, a primary school in Blackburn. Marina's creative energy and commitment saw her working with all year groups and all staff from the cook to the teaching assistants and, crucially, parents, across a range of art forms including dance, performance, painting, sculpture and writing. The residency culminated in a multi-media promenade performance through the school, using every space from the foyer to the canteen and the playground and was testament to Marina's extraordinary vision, passion and ability to find outlets for everyone's personal creativity.
While she was here, she also formed creative relationships with the arts community in the area and once again was able to inspire people to collaborate."


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