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Marina is an interdisciplinary (Italian/Hispanic) artist and independent choreographer born in Venice and based in the UK. Her use of media ranges from Installation, Live Art, Video, Sculpture, Photography, Film, Dance and Visual Theatre.

Her interests are in the production of innovative and experimental art work that has direct interaction and dialogue with the audience. She has both directed and collaborated with many artists.

Among the bodies that have commissioned projects or shown works by Marina:

Tate Liverpool, South Bank Centre - London, Liverpool Independent First Biennal, Watershed, Arts Council of England, Arnolfini, Electric Pavilion, Electric December,  Bristol City Council, Venice City Council, Venice/Milan Carnival, University of West of England, Dance Services South West, Brighton Festival, Bath Fringe Festival, QEH, Glastonbury Dance Festival,
Zap Club - Brighton, Glasgow Film Festival, Trinity Arts College, CUC (Novas) Liverpool, Islington Art Factory - London, Kulter Gallery Amsterdam, Sakura Works Yokohama Design Labs Yokohama Japan, Expressive Arts Institute San Diego California, Sobering Gallery Paris, Kalao Pan African Creations Bilbao, Palazzo Mora in the context of the 57th Venice Biennale.

She is the originator of ARTEMOTION, (a CIC organisation involved in socially engaged and collaborative arts) which this year has become an associate of Tate Exchange Liverpool.


Artist Statement

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